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Candle Making 101


We make our candles by hand from start to finish. We start with our specially designed candle molds, American made blended paraffin wax and all natural cotton wick.  Our wax has a very high burning point, which means our candles will not bend or melt in hot summer temperatures and they have a long burn time...about 120 hours for a 3x9 candle.

We use many natural elements in our candle making, like 100% pure honeycomb beeswax, 100% cotton wick and highly refined paraffin wax.  Beeswax is very expensive, but it gives our candles a creamy white, textured look and allows for ease of application for our candle artisans to embellish each candle creation.

Temperature is everything in candle making, so our wax has to be heated to just the perfect temperature for the candle to properly set up in the candle mold.  Each mold is "wicked up" by hand using only cotton wick.  Even the size of our wick is specially made for our type of candle!  After pouring the hot wax in the wicked up mold, it must be cooled down rapidly in order for the candle to set up correctly...definitely a science to this!

At certain points in the candle decorating process we dip the raw paraffin pillar into a hot tank of beeswax.  This allows for the decorator to embellish the candle, place the personalization, and finalized the candle.

As you can see from this photo, it takes a careful eye and a steady hand to center each personalization, hand place the lace, crystals or flowers around the design, and polish up the final product.

Everything we do is crafted by hand...everything!  We don't blow dry plastic film with your personalization onto the candle for your design, we painstakenly hand craft each candle design so you receive the genuine, one of a kind article for your special day!

We hand wrap each candle to give it that gift-giving look!  Each is wrapped in special velum and tied with a white organdy ribbon.

We take pride in the way we pack your candle order by providing extra padding and large boxes so your candle arrives undamaged and on time.

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